Ethicall Launches Debt Recovery and Process Serving Services

Some have said that the debt collection industry is facing a perfect storm because current systems and practices are not working as well as they once did. Time for a fresh approach we say! Ethicall is pleased to announce to the market today, the arrival of two new services – Ethi-Demand and Ethi-Collect.

Ethi-Demand is our process serving service with a twist. Instead of our employed, highly experienced, credit industry professional agents merely serving a client’s requisite documents we say, “Hold on! We don’t have to give you this. Let’s sit down and see how you might be able to settle?” The service is also ideal for those clients who are concerned to know exactly who will be carrying out the serve on their behalf. Rest assured they will always know who will be acting for them with Ethicall’s dedicated field team.

Ethi-Collect provides creditors with an alternative approach involving the skills and extensive experience of Ethicall’s field visit personnel, to deliver a much needed debt resolution service that aims to maximise recovery but keep debtors as clients wherever possible. With collection rates on the decline, its time to do something different!

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Ethicall Launches Debt Recovery and Process Serving Services




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