The Power of Innovative Thinking!

Here at Ethicall we pride ourselves on coming up with imaginative solutions. Recently a well known sub-prime motor lender approached us – they’d had enough of the “money or metal” approach, where they were repossessing non-paying customers cars, selling them at auction for a loss, and then facing the thankless task of chasing disgruntled debtors for the shortfall! They wanted to examine a better option – and we suggested that our highly qualified field force could provide it. They began instructing us to interview the debtors, explain the complicated hire purchase agreement to them and the consequences of non-payment, and make long term arrangements designed to keep the car with the customer – and retain the customer’s goodwill!It’s been a roaring success – many of the cases they’ve sent were more than 90 days in arrears, and we’ve achieved an 89% contact rate, and less than 5% of cases have moved on to repossession!

That’s the power of innovative thinking!

Ethicall Celebrates It’s First Anniversary!

Ethicall is celebrating the end of their first year of trading by launching their new website,

Ethicall is the only nationwide field agency working for the mortgage and lending industry that can boast a fully employed field network. What’s more, Ethicall only employ field staff with long-term credit industry experience – a unique approach that has taken the market by storm.

It’s an approach that has guaranteed record breaking results. Calling on early arrears mortgage customers, Ethicall are achieving over 90% right party contact rates and an average turnaround time of 13 calendar days.

 Ethicall’s figures have been so impressive that they’ve trebled their client base over the year, as well as doubling their field representation. Oh, and along the way they picked up an “Innovator of the Year” award from the Mortgage Finance Gazette!

 Ethicall’s Sales & Marketing Director, Martin Swann, is excited about the future:

 “We’ve broken the mould” He said. “Our highly experienced field network has achieved unheard of results, and continues to do so. By strictly adhering to our policy of using only fully employed field agents, we’re able to offer the most compliant solution in what is becoming a more and more regulated area. The future couldn’t look more rosy!”

 It’s a tremendous success story in the most challenging of business climates – and just reward for hard work, a courageous approach to doing business, and innovative thinking.

 To learn more about Ethicall’s unique approach, visit their new website at, or contact Martin Swann, their Sales & Marketing Director, on 07769660033 or