Ethicall’s Diverse Range of Services …

Ethicall was created as the antidote to many years of sub-standard performance in the sector, on a mission to set the highest performance benchmarks, and to become the market leading business judged so by its clients, providing a top quality, and value for money, service.

Ethicall has therefore chosen to offer to a unique service mix which assists clients meet both their internal and external challenges whether in the mortgage or credit collections space.

Key components of our service are:

  • An employed field network of experienced field agent representatives’ to carry out its client engagements, working closely with a secondary group of self-employed Agents where the client dictates.
  • Ethicall’s senior field management (Regional Partners), are recruited from a talent pool of leading credit industry branch managers steeped not only in a lending and collection mandate culture but, having the knowledge and appropriate behaviours to deal with client customers on the doorstep, and in their homes. This contrasts with traditionally self employed agents who are drawn typically from retired banking industry personnel and former police officers, adding to their pension incomes with occasional field work.
  • A management control system where all Regional Partners and line report, Area Managers receive quarterly reviews, dual calling and 1:1’s where feedback on performance is delivered
  • Ethicall believes that accurate customer information, delivered as quickly and securely as possible, helps lenders best meet their statutory obligations to treat customers fairly. The Ethicall Workflow System has been created to facilitate a paperless service being sufficiently flexible to meet many different client needs surrounding the type of data required to be captured.
  • Ethicall also issues corporate IT hardware complete with the latest end point security configurations to ensure that data is not compromised though the use of private personal computers and hand held devices.
  • Ethicall has come to market with a range of services which address traditional arrears collection market requirements but with a number of innovative solutions which address some of the more difficult challenges facing clients but which have been virtually ignored by traditional suppliers, such as Sensitive Case work ,and Loan Maturity interviews.
  • Ethicall provides a range of pricing which reflects the breadth and complexity of work it encounters ever mindful of the need to offer value for money but, keen ensure it receives fair value for access to an experienced, employed field team where required.

To learn more, simply give Geoff Poundes a call on 07515 286863, or email him at


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